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Any guesses?


And let's keep it clean, people. I know the way your minds work!

It's Lola Bunny from Schaefer Yarns. See the head and one arm finished? It's a free pattern that's meant to be knit with Schaefer Lola (hence the name) but since I don't have the budget for that, it's being worked as a stashbuster. I had this yarn from Itty Bitty Knitties at Hyena Cart in my stash and thought this would be cute. The colorway is Turtle Haven. Fast knit so far!

Mr Starfish has been seen around town sporting a new hat. He wanted an earflap hat and now he has one!


The photo is sort of mugshot-ish but it was the first day of the semester and there was no time for a fancy photo shoot.

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You will have a very pretty bunny when she is finished. The yarn color is gorgeous.

Not sure exactly where you live, but that ear flap hat will certainly come in handy if you are getting the snow that most of the N.E. is getting.

Hi there! Thanks for your post on my blog! I usually only get a few comments from mostly friends and family so it was great to hear from a new person! I love your the earflap hat and it looks like you can do lots of other items too. Good job! I also like the name of your blog. Very creative! Is your last name Starfish or something?

I tried to post, but I pushed a wrong button so I will try again. Thanks so much for posting on my blog and for the sweet compliment on my drawing. I usually only get a few comments mostly from friends and family, so it was great to hear from a new person! I love your earflap hat and I like your blog name too. Is your last name Starfish or something? or do you just like starfish? It is a very creative name! Good job on all your projects. Isn't crafting fun?!

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