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Happy Birthday to me!

So, I turned 32 on Wednesday and I bought myself a present!


Actually, my dad and Mr Starfish's parents (in-laws just has a negative connotation it seems) contributed to the birthday fund that allowed me to buy the present. An Ashford Kiwi! Yeehaw!

And just because it seems that everyone who posts a Kiwi picture also posts one of "the bird":


Who am I to stop the tradition? The Scooter loves the bird and when I asked him what the bird's name was he said, "Sophia". Where does he gets this stuff?

I ordered Sophia from The Woolery which was a great experience. Three days later I was stalking the poor UPS man! Assembly was going along great until I hit step #13 which is the fishing line brake band. With the help of Mandi and trusty Beth, I finally figured it out. Step #19 where you actually put the wheel on was tricky in that I didn't have the muscle required to get it all the way on so Mr. Starfish took over on that one!

Yay! I haven't spun anything on her yet but tonight for sure..... I'm also thinking about taking a drive down near Ithaca (1.5 hours away) to pick out some roving. Is that crazy? I want to see it in person!

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Happy birthday!

Sophia is beautiful!


You are not crazy, but you have fiber-itis bad. :-) I'm so glad you have a wheel now - I know you will love it and I'm looking forward to seeing your yarns!

HAPPY 32nd PAIGE! Can't wait to see some of your creations you make with Sophia! :)


It looks GREAT!

When are we gonna see some spinning?

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