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It sorta looks like yarn!


My first plied yarn. There are definite problem spots but there are also some parts that look like "real" yarn! Yay! Went to my first spinning guild meeting yesterday and got lots of help and encouragement. Thanks to Carla and blogless (I think) Christina for letting me try out their wheels. I learned that I am better than the HitchHiker is showing because I was much more consistent on their wheels and didn't have the problem of the wheel changing directions when I tried to stop.

Here is the skein shot:


Off to try and wash it!

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Not bad at all! Certainly better than my first yarn! (Look at my April 2006 archives - I just peeked and wow, I had forgotten just how terrible my first time was!)

You are a natural :)

I LOVE your yarn! Now I gotta figure out how I dyed that so I can make some for me!

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