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Getting thinner....

Those are almost always good words, right? ;)


This is what the Monkey Farts from Spunky Eclectic has become! It's definitely thinner and more consistent than the last attempt. Yay!


And just because everyone seems to have knit one and I had some extra cotton sitting around... the Ballband Dishcloth:


Super easy and quick knit but will go in the category of "I can say I did it, but I don't know why".

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Oh I think you are well on your way! It looks great! But it doesn't really look like Monkey Farts....

What are you going to make with it? There are a lot of nice cowls going around blog land...


You mean we need a why????

Why? Because I can! LOL

The ballband dishcloth turned out very pretty. I like that color combination.

I have quite a few ballbands in the rag drawer. They are great for using up little bits of cotton. However, I prefer knitting other patterns better.


Ooh, the yarn is beautiful!

I haven't done a ballband cloth. I'd rather just pick something out of my stitch dictionary and make it into a dishcloth.


The yarn is lovely! The roving might have looked like Monkey Farts, but the finished yarn sure doesn't!

OOh, it's like a blue brick wall. :)


I really should break out my knitting needles ... I love working with fibers, though ... it's more of a winter enjoyment for me!

Here's why: every person you ever give one of those Ballband Dishcloths will LOVE IT and continually bug you for more...

(glad your Blogger commenting is working, even though my advice was only semi-correct!)

Wow, that's a beautiful yarn.

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