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I feel the need....

the need for speed. Not really. Actually I feel the need to knit down some of my yarn scraps. I've been organizing a bit and put scraps in their own bin. Now, I'm calling them scraps but some of them are actually almost full skeins where I started into them but didn't use it all. It's mostly sock yarn but also some sport and worsted.

I started making some fish for the A Recipe for Fish blanket:


These are made from leftover Dream In Color Classy, a yarn I love! They tesselate to form a fun kid's or baby blanket and since I have lots of friends and family who are "with child" I though it could be fun. This might give you an idea:


See how they interlock so nicely (once I seam them)? I have lots of leftover blue Classy from the Pembroke Vest.

I've seen lots of blankets on Ravelry made from sock yarn and have though about starting in on some mitered squares to use up some leftovers.

Here's the problem though. I think I'm too.....how shall we say....anal retentive particular about things to really complete one of these stash-busting projects. I'm already looking at these fish and thinking I want to buy Classy in certain colors to have a nice pattern to the blanket. The fact that these leftovers projects are SUPPOSED to be random and eclectic is not overriding my need for matchy-matchy. What to do?

On another note, remember my no-purl Monkeys? Well, until yesterday I hadn't touched them since before I was put on bedrest which was months ago. I'm onto the second sock now though. Making progress:


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I LOVE that pretty green yarn! I just started, finally, my celery green socks last evening - varied shades really make my heart pitter patter. I hope you're feeling better soon.

Wow, the fish blanket sounds really interesting...I'm gonna have to check it out on Ravelry. I'm making a blanket with my scraps, too - just a simple garter stitch thingie, but man it's taking FOREVER! Perhaps that's because I only knit about 2 rows a week. (?) Hmmmm.

Love the green!
Thank you for checking out my blog that has just recently started speaking english as well as swedish ;)

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