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I love vintage linens. The look, feel, etc. Check out this baby blanket my mother's Aunt Helen made when my mom was born:


I have always loved it and when I was pregnant with Baby Starfish I reminded my mom not to give it to anyone else. She said I could have it right then and it lives in the nursery now! It is bound in some sort of red twill material and is crinkly from many years of washing, drying and generally being loved.

Close up:


My mom is here visiting for a week this week and brought me a stack of other projects. I can't believe it! I could search for ages and not find things I love like I love these. Check this out:


Close up:


I have so many questions about these. The scarecrow blanket I know to be 55 years old. I have no idea who exactly made the rooster one or how old it is. Was there a pattern for things like this? What should I do with them? For now the scarecrow lives in Baby Starfish's room and can remain there for another year or so. I don't want to just fold them up in a chest but am not really sure about other options that don't leave them out for "little hands" to find them. I have a few more too. If people want to see them, I'll post in a couple of days!

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These are great! I wonder if they were some sort of kit? I've seen old linens that were half finished, where the design was printed in colored ink that would be covered in the thread or wash out with use.

I love old linens!

beautiful! how wonderful to have that blanket that was made for your mom.


I just adore the rooster... if it was mine it'd hang it on an out-of-the-way darkish wall so that it doesn't get bleached by sunlight but can be appreciated :)

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