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Deep Sea Dance quilt and a mystery knit

I finished "Deep Sea Dance" for baby John. My roommate from Colgate had her third baby recently and I had to make a quilt for him!

I love how it came out!

I also got some new tags with my starfish logo on them. I'm strangely excited about this!

As for my new knit... it's kind of an odd thing. It was a special request and I thought it would be fun to have a little giveaway. I'll post a picture of the start of it and if anyone knows what it is, take a guess and I'll send a little knitting-related present to the first correct answer. I guess there could be a way to cheat at this if you do some cyber-snooping but let's trust everyone will play fair!

If no one guesses correctly (or no one guesses at all!) I'll post another progress picture until someone gets it!

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The first thing I thought when I saw the picture was YODA, but I don't know...could it be?

Your quilt is amazing! I love the fabrics.

It looks like the start of a Lanesplitter (sp?) skirt :)

Oh my, what a beautiful little quilt - I love those colors!
And my guess is that you're starting a Baktus scarf. :)

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