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Happy Things

1. Booking a 5-day trip to Disney World for the whole family. We're going in November. Now, when do I tell the 6-year-old so he's excited enough but I don't hear "When are we going?" every day?


2. Being caught up on bee blocks for June and July including this wonky star headed to Canada:

3. Casting on for a new project in Malabrigo:

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Tell him the day after Halloween. At 6, my son had only the slightest grasp of the passage of time. Telling him something like this too early only made for a new disappointment every day.


Make the wait real ... make a paper chain with loops for the number of days until you leave. Let him break one off every night before bed.

It's a nice visual for the young school age kid AND he can always go in an count how many loops are left.

Hope you have a wonderful vacation when you go. You've picked a nice time of year.

I think either of the aforementioned comments are excellent ideas - how exciting for you and your family! Plus I love your quilt block and am curious to know what your new project is. Mmmmmm....Malabrigo.


I love the disney comercials where they tell the kids that they are going and going... tomorrow! It makes me feel giddy inside :)

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