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Progress and the Opposite of Progress

The progress is on the quilting front. I have added a third sailboat into the mix. This time in yellow:

I am thinking there will be white sashing in between the four boats and a border of white around all sides.

I've been playing with some of Kate Spain's Terrain line.

Those are 16-patch blocks and they're not all sewn to one another yet so don't worry about some messiness and overlap. I don't think I want the whole thing to be postage stamps. I am toying with the idea of a large square of postage stamps surrounded by some of the pink print in a wide border. Or maybe the postage stamps square being off-center. Anyone want to weigh in?

In the opposite of progress camp we have the knitting. Remember that cute cardigan for the birthday Starfish? Well, it was too small. :( Here it is now as I start over:

That will teach me to try to use a tighter gauge with a larger size. Harumph.

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The quilt sailboats are really cute. Sorry about the knitting. Gauge will get me every time. Just whe it seems something makes perfect sense, gauge rears its ugly head.

Can't get enough of that Terrain! The prints are so bright and happy:) I say go for off-center. It's a bit unexpected and that's always fun.


I still LOVE those boats. I keep saying I want to try a HST project - maybe I'll try that? As for your postage stamps, I like both your ideas - maybe if you decide to go with the wide border route, you can do a wide outer border with a narrower inner border of one of the contrasting prints or maybe even a border of white between the pink and a contrasting print (is this what you mean by weighing in???) Of course, your idea to put them off-center sounds cool too. I'll be interested to see your finished product.

I'll weigh in on the Terrain.... you should give it to me. I promise to love it, no matter what you do. ;o)

Sorry about the knitting. Annoying, but so worth it when it finally comes out right. (Says the lady who is deathly afraid of trying a sweater...).

i do love those tiny blocks! so pretty!

and the sailboats look great.

happy sewing!

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