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Spring Babies and a New Hobby!

Yes, it's been very spring-like off and on weather-wise but now it really feels like spring because we have our first babies:

Can you see those little beaks peeking up? So sweet!

I think I mentioned that I went to a local guild's quilt show a few weeks ago and fell in love with some hand appliqued quilts. I've admired Kathleen Baden's work before but this put me over the edge so when she offered me a class at a local shop, I jumped.

This is the project she had me start with and so far Im in love with the process. It's entirely done by hand so I'm pretty proud of myself. I need another leaf and then three berries before I'm finished with the applique part!

What do you think? Does anyone out there do applique. I'm looking for a pattern to start after this!

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Your sewing is really taking off!

I took an appliqué class on my recent trip to Salt Lake City and while there, I fell for a number of these patterns
I adore the use of colours and hope to try one someday soon.

Unfortunately, life's been so busy that I haven't had time to pick up my appliqué since I returned from holidays.

Your blog's been making me want to do all the things!


That's beautiful so far.


I love it. Make sure you show us when it's all finished. I want to see the berries! :-)

Are the babies baby robins?

Beautiful, Paige! And very neat work!

Gorgeous! Can't wait to see where you go with it. I've never tried appliqué, but it's on my list.

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