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Lounge Pants Only a (Superhero) Mother Could Love

I have written on my blog before about what I perceive as a lack of cute things to sew and knit for little boys. Baby boys can get away with little bubble jumpers and stuff but bigger kids are harder. Enter Captain America lounge pants:

So, Kid Starfish loves wearing pajamas. For reals. We negotiate at least once a week about wearing pajamas out on errands. I decided some lightweight lounge pants couldn't be too hard to make and said I'd try a pair from cheap fabric for practice. Off to Joann Fabric we go and he picks out this obnoxious Captain America print. I balk. He wins.

I didn't really use a pattern so I can't direct you to one. I used a pair of sweat pants that fit him and went from there. If anyone wants more info or (eep!) a tutorial, I can probably whip one up.

So between these pants and Milo Doxie, I'm excited to sew for my Littles. Now what kind of nicer boyish fabric should I use for the next pair?

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Awww mom! So cute!


I think he picked very well. He looks adorable!

they turned out great. i'll take a tutorial please. :)

i really need to make some for my boy. he's getting a little old for the skin-tight two piece jammies.

i have a friend with two girls and she doesn't let them have any disney/princess/dora clothes except for pj's and undies. so, the obnoxiousness is contained. like captain USA. :)


Girl, if you can make pj pants w/o a pattern, you have got talent in spades! "Go you" is right! Funny that I am reading this now. Tonight at guild meeting, I was talking to someone (gosh, I hope I learn names soon!)about learning to sew and suggested trying pj pants.

If there is interest, I would be happy to facilitate some easy sewing classes. I was also thinking that I'd like to do it for free for the guild so anyone in the group can afford it :)
PS - pretty sure I'm going to QuiltCon! :D

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