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Opinions, please!

Here are most of the blocks I received from the 3x6 bee.

I have another one on the way from New Zealand and one had colors that didn't quite fit (but is a great block that will get used somewhere!). Each blocks is 12.5" square unfinished. Now, what should I do? Piece together a 36"x48" baby blanket? Add sashing and a border and have a lap quilt. The second option is what Instagrammers thought. So then, what color sashing? What kind of border (print? pieced? solid?)? I need help!

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Since you asked (wink): I would make another block to have 12 blocks for a 3 x 4 setting. Then sash with a solid. Then I would make a scrappy piano-key border.

OR (don't you love options?): Set them on point, alternating with solid blocks and no border.

Any way you do it, it will be cute!


Black sashing?

I think the final layout will depend a lot on what the last two blocks look like. But, I think I would take the other block with dark in it and put it on the top right corner to balance the black (or dark) in that one other square.

I think white sashing. And do a 3x4 layout with the block coming from NZ. And I think a pieced border would be cute if you want it to be bigger. Or set them all over the place in a random layout with lots of white negative space, no border, and do a white binding too. Decisions, decisions... :)

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