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Growing up....

There is evidence of my big kid growing up all the time but this one hit me where it hurts! He needed a new hat and I said I would knit him one. He has always worn adorable (if I do say so myself) hats - dinosaur heads, long stocking hats with even longer tassels on the ear flaps, etc. This time we went through Ravelry and he picked a straight-up ribbed beanie with one little conservative stripe.

No animal heads or crazy designs. He said he's "getting older" and wants something "more plain". Second grade. Is this when it starts? *sniff, sniff*

On a completely different note, I'm working on another baby quilt for a new mama. Her nursery is gray and green - a combo I have worked with before. Here's what I have so far:

I think this is going to be 12 blocks with no sashing but I'm not sure yet. Maybe a border?

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Very interesting and modern colors. I remember when it was blue for boys and pink for girls. No change ... EVER! LOL

I like this new modernism SO much better! These are colors that can grow with the kids.

As for the hat ......oh shucks. You big guy really IS becoming a big guy. But, I bet he'll look great in that snappy red!


I love the beginnings of that quilt!


I love the beginnings of that quilt!


I love the beginnings of that quilt!

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