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Heather Ross Scraps and an Almost-Finished Top

Most people in my real quilting life know that I don't really keep a "stash". I don't buy much of any fabric that isn't used within a week of purchase. I don't really like clutter, don't keep scraps (horror!), etc. I can fit my entire knitting stash in one Rubbermaid bin and my quilting stash is even smaller.

So, it's strange that I just sit on these Heather Ross scraps. She's my favorite fabric designer (although I really prefer the lighter weight quilting cottons to the last few lines' texture and feel). I think it's time to make something. I have more than a fat quarter of a few prints (swim school, dogs) and less of others like goldfish in bags and gnomes. I really wish the VW vans were blue. If anyone has blue and wants to trade my scrap is decently sized. Feel free to send along ideas for a scrappy Heather Ross quilt!

The Modern Crosses quilt top is almost finished!

I say almost because I think I want to add a thin border. I *love* this top but the wildness kind of makes me crazy. I think I need something to "contain" it all. It's almost 60" square which is a size I like for couch cuddling so it doesn't need to be a wide border. Thoughts?

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I think a border would tie it all together. Maybe navy blue?

I love the gnomes! LOL

Lisa C:

A "stash" is just one of those things, isn't it? Nice to have but also a pain? I have started turning my leftovers into potholders. They made awesome hostess gifts and our local Ronald McDonald House really enjoys receiving them and puts them to use every day.

I covet the goldfish in bags! I also prefer the lighter, quilting cotton, but I love Heather's whimsy!

And, I agree, a border just frames a quilt!

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