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Updates on everything!

Whew. No blogging. Let's talk about that. I have been crafting. Quilting. Baking. Knitting. We've had fun stuff going on. Christmas. Trips to museums. Vacations. Why no blogging?

I think partly I'm relying on Instagram. I really love the format of quick and easy and many of my crafty friends and using it a lot, too. On the downside....You can't explain your photo as much and the photos are small. I definitely get more feedback on Instagram than I get here.

So, I'm going to try something new. I'm going to set a short-term goal to post here once a week. Maybe a routine and habit will keep me posting here (which I enjoy when I do it) more often. I am also cutting back on the time I spend on Facebook. It has become a time filler for no real reason. I considered getting rid of my account but that seems kind of extreme especially since a lot of my college friends keep up with each other that way.

On to crafty-ness: My Penny Sampler is quilted and ready for binding! Here is a sneak peek before quilting:

This quilt is very busy and crazy and I love it. It is such a departure from my usual style. I really got the hang of paper piecing through this class - check out that dala horse! I love the Scandinavian motifs and the cheerful colors and that little village. I hope to bind it this week.

I also finished a Taffy Quilt top.

I have eyed this pattern since I saw a shop sample many months ago. Then I saw a few made by Lee and I was smitten. I wanted the circular pattern to pop in mine so I chose my fabrics carefully. I think it works. I will post a picture of the whole things once it's quilted and bound.

Okay, if you're still here thank you! I will plan to post again on Sunday and plan to have at least one finished quilt by then!

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Real life is always more important than blogging, but I'm glad to see you back.

Your quilts are very cheery!

This looks FANTASTIC! I love all that Nordika, and I agree with you about this wild crazy quilt - it was fun!

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