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Back In Time

We got 2" of snow last week and were out of school for 3 and a half days. The boys went out to play that first morning and I snapped some pictures. Check this out:

On the left is Bigger Kid Starfish in 2009. On the right is Littler Kid Starfish last week. My husband remembered the older picture and the similarities. Same hat, position, style of shoes! Almost the exact same ages!

I'm still working on binding my Penny Sampler but that didn't stop me from picking another big project to begin. This is happening:

I'm going to work on Gypsy Wife throughout 2014. There are at least two QALs happening for this pattern right now. It's a riot of color and once again, juuuust outside my comfort zone.

I'm using fabrics pulled by The Intrepid Thread.

I can't wait to post my progress of this as we go along!

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Awwwww...what sweet pictures of the little starfishes!!! Love the handknit hat.

Gypsy Wife is AWESOME! Can't wait to see the progress through the months.

YIPEE!!! I'm so glad you'll be quilting along with the rest of the gypsy wifers!

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