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First FO of 2008!

Actually I finished her at about 10:30pm on Dec 31st so not really.

From the front:



From the back:



Imogen was easy to knit and Adrienne at Perl Grey was great to order from. I made lots of modifications to this pattern though.

1st I didn't buy the kit so I subbed yarn and used every last drop of 3 skeins of JJ's Specialty Montage 10-ply in the Paua colorway. It bled like crazy.

I cast on for the large because I wanted it to be long. It is knit side-to-side. From there, instead of knitting 125 rows I only knit 105.

At the arms you're supposed to decrease every eighth row until you're down to 40 stitches but I didn't want my arms that tight so I did fewer decreases.

For the fronts/collar I was supposed to pick up 94 stitches along the neck but I actually picked up 100 and then instead of doing 9 total sets of short rows, I only did 7. After that where I was supposed to knit 42 rows even, I did more like 20.

So, I cast on for the large but then made everything else closer to a medium, I guess. These details don't mean much to most of you, I'm sure but there are people out there getting ready to start Imogen on Ravelry and in blogland and maybe this will help some of them!

I love the sweater as it is exactly what I wanted. A slouchy, warm, longish sweater to knock around in all winter. Yay!

I'm still on the first Jaywalker. What next?

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Oh, that's lovely, I love the color you chose.


Imogen is Beeee-you-teeful! The color is wonderful and the fit on you is great. I really like the mods you made - I do the mixed sizing sometimes too - mostly for the arms. I'm not so big on tight upper arm designs.

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog too :-)

It looks great! Beautiful color, and it does look warm and comfy. I mean, you're standing out in the snow, and you don't look like you're freezing to death. Great winter garment.


I like the sweater -- definitely one that will get a lot of wear!

Good luck picking the next project!! I'm at that stage at the moment as well -- and there are sooooooo many to choose from. Heaven!

What a sweater! Love the color! It looks so warm and comfortable.


I can't believe I didn't comment before...gorgeous jacket and I hope mine turns out half as good as yours did. Thanks for the help! - Jen

I agree with everyone else. It really looks warm and cozy. I've yet to knit anything as ambitious as a garment for myself.


That is a gorgeous sweater! I love the cosiness of it :)

Hey Page, I saw a comment from you on my blog and checked out your site. i cant beleive you just knit the Imogen sweater, which i have on order. I cant remember which color i chose as i changed my mind about a thousand times. Yours looks great! Congrats! i cant wait to get mine now. I am working on the lacy skirt with bows from Kat Coyle at this moment.

What a gorgeous cap to your knitting year! (Or start to your new one... it was 2008 somewhere in the world, right?)

Really lovely. Congrats!


That's so beautiful! Thank you for all of the fantastic photos.


Love the sweater. What a beautiful color!


Great recap of the Imogene sweater. I'm about to start it myself and found your notes (plus more promised on your site) via Ravelry.

Thanks for the extra details - I'm sure they'll help!

I love it! Imogen is in my queue, I'm looking for the perfect yarn. I also want a roomy comfy jacket, so I plan to make the large, and I don't want it too drapey. Yours looks so great, I'm all excited!

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