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Finished Mitts and an epiphany

The Mosaic Mitts are finished.

The pair:


One mitt being modeled:


For my first colorwork experience, this what a great pattern. Clear instructions, easy to read/memorize chart, etc. I rarely work with acrylic blends but not knowing how these would turn out, I figured the cheaper, the better! With that being said, this Wool-Ease isn't horrible. It feels okay and I'm guessing it's going to hold up very well. The yarn was a perfect substitute gauge-wise so I went up a needle size to 5s. If I were to make these again, I'd probably go up to 6s or 7s. Are we noticing a pattern? I'm a very tight knitter! I also got a hint from Beth that these are long on the hands and thumb so I stopped and checked at various times while I was knitting. I made mine shorter than the pattern suggests. They're not really my "style" but I really wanted to try this stranded thing and I'm glad I did!

As for the epiphany... I am not a sock knitter. I can hear the gasps from knitters everywhere. I tried. I can knit socks. My Thujas came out great and are comfortable. My first Jaywalker was fine. It's just not fun to me to knit with those tiny toothpick-sized needles (and remember I knit tight so I could use 2s with no problems whereas I know people knitting on 00s.)! So, I am giving up on socks for a while. Maybe I'll come back to it but I doubt it...

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You don't have to love knitting socks. That's why there are all KINDS of projects.

I couldn't see making sweaters ... for me it's too much work for not enough wearing time. I live in a hot climate.

So socks are perfect for me. Maybe it's sweaters for you. :-)

so glad you like your kit and happy you have a boy who may need one too! :) Nice job on the gloves....you are so talented! Are you going to start an Etsy store?! You should!


Those are GREAT!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you!

Don't give up on socks! I remember I took a class on sock knitting and I threw the sock across the room and walked out of the class. I think it took until the beginning of my blog which is about 4 years old for me to start knitting socks again! They are a great protable project.

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