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Let's talk about them. I feel like more and more blogs are having giveaways for yarn, books, material, etc. It's so much fun to see people get excited about it and leaving comments to enter. If it's a blog I usually read, I enter and enjoy seeing who wins and how excited everyone gets. Well, recently...I won!

Liz recently had a giveaway for a piece of her dyed fabric and I won! I haven't received it yet so I can't gush but I'm sure it will be gorgeous.

My favorite little shop for buying fabric is Karen Gray Design. Karen had a giveaway on her blog recently and I won that too!


This Sweet Life bag is so well made and designed. There are so many pockets for knitting needles and notions. It is big enough to fit multiple projects at once and the fabric is beautiful. I couldn't believe it when I saw that I won! Yippee!

So now I'm thinking about having a giveaway here. First of all I'm wondering what to offer. Yarn from my stash? Something I've spun myself? Something else? I also wonder if it's kind of lame to have a giveaway on a blog like this where there are often only a handful of comments. I guess that just means that everyone has a good chance of winning, right? What do you think?

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I'd enter :) not certain if i've commented before but yeah, I love giveaways :D won one a couple of months ago and was so happy. As for what to give away *shrugs* whatever you're comfortable with. Think I'd like to do a competition/giveaway but I'd be worried people were only looking/commenting because they wanted to win something and not because they like to read my blog. Sorry about the long comment :)

Thank you for commenting on my blog, I thought I'd head over and have a nosey round yours too!!

That bag is absolutely lovely, you lucky thing! Congratulations on your wins, it's always lovely to win things and get a little unexpected treat.

Ohh, that bag you won is so nice! I've entered a few giveaways but have never won anything.

I think if you are feeling up for a giveaway you should do it. You'll probably get more comments than you think, and hopefully I will win! Some handspun yarn is always a treat, but whatever you decide will be great I'm sure.


Giveaways are fun, and if you post it on Rav, it will help direct traffic to your blog. Me, I've had you on my Google Reader for a while!

I've never won a giveaway -- so often they require some kind of wittiness that I can't always produce.

As for what -- I think something of your handspun - or something you've made -- would make it the most meaningful for me, because it would be unique!

Congrats on winning some great giveaways! I recently won a couple, too, and it just makes me feel all warm and giddy inside.
You should totally have a giveaway yourself if you want to - it's fun to do, no matter how many comments you get!


Oooh, such a cute bag!


That's a lovely bag you've won!
And I've seen blogs who have just a handfull of comments, who get's over 50 comments or more as soon as they have a contest. So I guess there is a lot of lurkers out there ;)

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