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If your husband has a mustache...

The art teacher at my school (who is also a sweet friend) is getting married next week. One of her daughters is in my class this year so I wanted the class to giver her something fun. We made a book (my first Bind-It-All project) offering advice for a happy marriage. Out of the mouths of babes:






Can you read that one? It says If your husband has a mustache tell him to shave it off so if you have a baby he or she will not pull on it.


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Gotta say, each little tidbit of wisdom from your students is spot on! Where do they learn this stuff. I can't even imagine how thrilled your friend will be to receive this...the thoughtfulness, the craftiness, the attention to detail...you are a good friend indeed! Great job on the BIA project, it's addicting, isn't it? Thanks for sharing {hope you got your goody package!}.


Love it.

When Stephen was in preschool the kids wrote a Thanksgiving cookbook.

I now know that you have to cook your turkey for three weeks and four to five hots.

Love it! What a great idea for a gift.

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