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Malabrigo is one of those yarns I have heard about forever but failed to really "get" the excitement. I got some in a swap and although I haven't knit with it yet I do have some opinions already.

Some Mal worsted in Ravelry Red:

It was near impossible to take this picture. I tried natural light, no flash as well as automatic with flash. Nothing really worked but you'll have the idea and at least I can get it in my stash on Ravelry.

I also got a skein of Silky Merino (DK weight) in the color Topaz:

This is a beautiful gold color. Both of these yarns are so, so soft and squishy. I get the appeal of it right away. I do wonder about the pilling factor - especially with the worsted. It's a single ply which (in my experience) tends to pill. Anyone out there reading have any experience with Malabrigo? The colors are gorgeous and like I said, the squish factor is high!

I also recently bought two skeins of Mosaic Moon Rainbow with Black on superwash wool:

In baking news, I tried a recipe from Cookie Madness for sour cream scones. I love scones. Not too sweet. Some crunch on the outside with a tender inside. Yum!

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I've knit socks from Malabrigo and so far, so good.

I have read online that they tend to wear out quickly, but mine seem to be holding up okay.

I did knit a sweater for my son using Malabrigo worsted, and the pilling factor was pretty high. Same with a poncho that I knit out of Malabrigo worsted as well. I guess you just gotta stock up on some batteries and have an electric wool shaver close at hand!

Maggie's Heartless Hat has worn very nicely, and was a real joy to knit. It just depends, you know? I think the hat was knit at a pretty tight gauge, which lessens the possibility of pilling. http://www.myzigzagstitch.com/2010/09/13/this-morning/

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, I'm in Maine and love it here. Not so much now, since winter seems to be never ending, but I'm trying to have patience!

I love the Malabrigo I've used. It definitely can pill but it's so warm and soft that I'll put up with the fuzzing and pilling. I'd love to try out Rios, which is a 3ply superwash Malabrigo. I've seen some projects in Ravelry Red and they're just amazing. And MM Rainbow with Black is one of my favorite colorways.

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