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Picnic and Fairgrounds

Well, if you follow any sewing/quilting blogs at all you've seen this already:

It's Picnic and Fairgrounds by Denyse Schmidt. I didn't buy all 21 prints because I didn't love them all but I love these.

I know there's a lot of talk in the blogosphere about the pros and cons of a designer fabric being sold at a big chain like JoAnn Fabrics. I support my LQS pretty often both because I like to support small businesses and also because she carries what I like. I will say this. I was so excited to see a line that reminds me of Flea Market Fancy since I missed out on those prints and refuse to pay what people are asking/getting for them now.

If you celebrate Easter and have leftover eggs you might like to check out one of my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes from one of my favorite food blogs - Cookie Madness. This recipe uses hard boiled eggs and is SO YUMMY. Exhibit A:

I noticed this year there were recipes for an oatmeal variation as well as a chocolate chocolate chip variation. Check them out HERE!

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I agree ! I missed flea market fancy too! Im saving because they are going to rerelease some of them! BTW that cookie recipe freaks me out! hard boiled eggs! Cool!


Beautiful colors and prints, Paige. What are you planning on making with those?

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