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I need a pep talk!

The yarn (Knit Picks Palette) I chose for my Dipped Infinity Scarf has arrived.


I love it and think it's going to be a favorite of mine this fall. Here's the thing. I need to cast on 252 stitches holding a strand of the first two colorways. I dread it. I prefer the long tail cast on and trying to figure out how long that tail will be for 252 stitches is... annoying. Does that make me sound beyond lazy?

Should I just suck it up and do it knowing I may have to redo it? Should I use a different cast on method? Which one? I need an attitude adjustment!

On a more positive note, some of you may notice a new header for my blog. I kind of like having some of my past projects looking at me when I log on. It makes me look pretty crafty, doesn't it?

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The long tail cast on was my preferred method until I discovered the twisted german cast on. It makes a really nice clean edge similar to the long tail and there is no measuring required.

Your colors are beautiful btw! Looking forward to seeing the scarf as it comes along.

I just love those colors - purple is really doing it for me these days.
If I were casting on that many stitches, I'd just go ahead and do a knitted cast-on for sure; that way you're certain to not run out of yarn. Good luck!

I love the colours of this yarn. They blend really well together. I know what you mean about the cast on.

Love the colours :) wish I could buy from knitpicks, damn my living in the UK :D and about the banner, I can't see anything up there, hope it gets sorted :) would love to see a new banner

When I'm measuring out yarn for a long tail cast on, I wrap the yarn round the needle ten times, then measure how much yarn that took, then divide by ten and times by the number of stitches to find out how much to leave. I do tend to leave an extra bit for luck though!

The colours you've chosen look lovely :)


I love the colors and look forward to seeing your project. I guess you need to experiment with cast ons, although I tend to use cable cast on in this situation, just 'cause I know it!

To all other readers -- I received my prize package on Saturday, a lovely skein of KP haindpainted Stroll Tonal Sock in "Gypsy" (reds), and a set of extra #6 interchangeable tips. Yay for prizes, yay to Paige!

love the colors! ditto to what helen said above for measuring the yarn to cast on.

The blog by TECHknitter TM has great information on all sorts of cast-ons. It makes for a fascinating read.
If you want to go ahead with a long tail cast on then why not hold the yarn double (i.e. from two balls of wool), use one for the long tail, the other for the stitches and then just break the thread from one ball of yarn when you're done casting on. The only disadvantage is that you need to weave in two ends, well okay, sorry: three (whoops)...

I love that banner -- how did you do it? Do you mind telling?

I've never done that long a long-tail cast on, so I have no advice, but I am writing down "Twisted German Cast On." I'm almost afraid to google that, though.

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